I was born in Florence, Italy in 1957, started studying pop and jazz music in 1973 with private piano teachers.
Attended the Conservatory of Music of Florence studying percussion and computer music for five years.
In the meantime started working as a pianist and keyboard player around my hometown with jazz and pop bands, working also as piano teacher and jingles writer.
In 1986 won a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, moved over there.
Studied harmony, arranging, composition, acoustics and electronic music.
In 1989 received a diploma "summa cum laude" in Music Synthesis. Afterward worked one year as a lab monitor in the same department from which I had graduated.
In 1990 moved back to Italy working as assistant for Joe Zawinul and David Mash during the "Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Festival"
Since then I have dedicated myself mostly to electronic music as composer, arranger and sound designer in many different styles of music ranging from jazz to classical, from children songs to new age.
I work mostly in my home recording studio, writing and recording my music.
In 2007 I was awarded my Master’s Degree from the Conservatory of Music of Florence, Italy in Music and New Technology presenting a dissertation on “
Technology and Temperament: Hardware, Software and Online Resources for Microtonal Music”.
Now I mainly compose
electronic xenharmonic music.