Breath of the Chameleon

(click on the picture above, on the right, to watch the movie)

I have recently experimented playing my old Yamaha VL70m sound module with my Opal Chameleon.

Being a “breath controller freak” I also own a Yamaha BC3 headset and a breath controller
processor by Midi Solutions.

The idea is to use BC3 and Chameleon to expressively play the VL70m retuned to
Carlos Gamma.

The flow chart helps understanding how I achieved it.

flow chart

The outputs of both my controllers get merged by a midi interface (the BC3 is connected to the the Midi Solutions device that is programmed to send out continuous controller #2 on channel 1 with value range 00-127, this is done sending a sysex message to it).
Midi notes are remapped by “
Disarray”, a small utility by X.J.Scott (see Gamma Elegy for more informations about it) and sent to Logic Pro.


From Logic Pro they are sent to the
LMSO input to be retuned.
LMSO then sends them back to Logic Pro thru IAC (Inter Application Communication protocol)


and finally to the sound source (VL70m).

I recorded my “performance” both as video and midi data. Then, with Logic Pro, I turned the midi track into audio and replaced the original audio of the video recorder’s microphones with Logic Pro’s track. Slick, isn’t it?