Peaceful Soundscape 1

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This piece started as a study about “drone music”.

I recorded two audio tracks played with the
Haken Continuum with a combination of sounds from the Continuum and the ContinuuMini.
I slowed both tracks down to 50 and 25 percent speed so I ended up with six tracks that I started mixing. After days of experiments I was on the verge of throwing everything away when, I do not know how, I started playing, with the Continuum, on top of those tracks with another one of its sounds and suddenly I realized that I was on the right path to come up with something worthy. So, the six previous tracks became the background for the solo part. I also added a pedal note that comes and goes. This effect is done only using the amazing touch sensitivity of the Continuum.

Screenshot 2020-10-18small

(click on the image above for a larger one)

I am using the same tuning table of my previous video: a mode of Raga Bhairavi (see the comments on the video for details).
I have done a lot of dissonant music in the past, now I feel I want to do more consonant, less busy stuff.