Edonoists Of The World Unite!


I was reading “We're Just a bunch of EDOISTS” (on the Yahoo Tuning Group) and following replies. I am not going to discuss this matter here but I was surprised by the term “EDOIST” that means a supporter of EDOs (Equal Division of the Octave), see
Equal Temperament.

I think I coined the term EDONOI in July 2009 when I created the group “Equal Division of Non-Octave Intervals” at Xenharmonic Alliance.

Unfortunately ning.com is going from free to paid service and that will probably means:
a) Xenharmonic Alliance will go the way of the Dodo by the end of August 2010
b) everything that was discussed there will probably disappear into oblivion.

Nevertheless I think we need more EDONOISTs!

Edonoists Of The World Unite!

UPDATE: mostly everyone moved to the many microtonal Facebook groups.