Angela B.

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Angela B.

Angela is a song originally written by Italian songwriter Luigi Tenco in 1966.

The idea to make a
xenharmonic cover of the song came to me when I listened to the same tune played by the Luca Flores Trio for the album “Sounds and Shades of Sound” (1990). Luca Flores was a great jazz piano player from Florence, Italy.

Mine is an instrumental version but the original lyrics are interesting, this is my approximate translation:

Angela, Angela, my angel
I didn’t think tonight
would be a farewell
Angela believe me, I didn’t want that.

Angela, Angela my angel
when I told you I wanted to leave
I only wanted to see you cry
because I like to make you suffer.

Angela, Angela my angel
tonight instead of crying
you look at me in a strange way
as if I was already far away

Please Angela don’t go away
you can’t leave me here all alone
I can’t believe all of a sudden
to loose you, loose everything.

I wanted to see you cry
see your tears
feel that your heart
was in my hands.

My version starts with a piano sound in
12tET stating the theme, that is restated by a guitar sound in Carlos Beta.
Next an
ostinato bass line, based on the first four chords of the song, is used as background for an improvisation (in Carlos Beta). In the end the theme is again stated twice, the first time with the melody in Carlos Beta and a celesta-like sound playing chords in 12tET, then by a piano sound in 12tET.

Nothing has been quantized so you will notice some rhythmic imperfection.

The parts in 12tET were played with my
NS88 and those in Carlos Beta with my Chameleon.

The guitar and celesta-like sounds come from Spectrasonics