X.J.Scott and CC #90

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LMSO version 3 includes a new feature: Tuning Latch Controller.
The Tuning Latch controller can be set to sustain or other pedal controllers. Tuning latch enables you to tune notes in real time using your ear. This is the same idea as being able to move the frets on an instrument during play, which is a technique used in many ethnic musics. It has many other uses as well.
When you press and release the pedal chosen (the release point is the point where things happen), the current tuning of all sounding notes that have been changed with pitch bend is latched as the current pitch which is used in the tuning.
" (from LMSO's user's manual).
I was trying it out with my main controller, a Clavia Nord Stage 88. This keyboard has 2 pedal inputs hardwired to continuous controller #64 (sustain) and #90 (usually undefined but assigned to "rotor speed" by the manufacturer).
I was wondering if I could use CC #90 for LMSO's Tuning Latch Controller function but it was not supported by LMSO.
CC #64 to #69 are the official MIDI pedal controllers and those are the available options supported by LMSO.
I told X.J.Scott about it and guess what?
He added CC #90 among the available pedals, on the following update. See the picture!

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This is the kind of support usually customers can only dream of!
Thanks again Jeff