The Mystery Of Metasynthetic Voices


Listen to:
01 Annan Annin
02 Onnos Oh
03 Annin Al Etaf
04 Ottelodit
05 Annan Aliaf
06 Anan Annan Alaf
07 Egnaip Onibmab Oimli
08 Imrod Imrod
09 Ertannan Onuannan
10 Annan Alled Enoznac
11 Oleic La Annan

Two years ago I recorded 11 "a cappella" lullabies in Italian for a project that never saw the light of day and remained dormant in my hard disk.
Recently, while studying
Metasynth 6, I found them and thought I could mangle them beyond recognition with it.
All of them were played in reverse, so that they were now sung in a new language called "Nailati"!!! And from there I started time-stretching, pitch-shifting and using all sorts of audio-editing.
At first I thought to leave them "a cappella" but then I started creating arrangements using
Omnisphere, Trilian, Keyscape and/or my Kurzweil digital piano.
Because the general character of these "Nailati" songs sounded quite exotic to my ears, I thought to pay tribute to a famous album published in 1987 by Nonesuch Records with a similar title.
The cover was painted with Metasynth!


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