R2M and CC#1

How to create timbral variety with CC#1 using a R2M as note generator.

This tutorial shows my setup playing a microtonal scale with a
Doepfer R2M ribbon controller and Logic's EXS24 sampler.


The R2M is connected to port 4 of my midi interface


As you can see midi data coming from the R2M (using a generic GM Device 1 name) are sent to LMSO input to retune them.
Midi data from
LMSO are sent to LMSO IAC1 back to Logic and assigned to play a monophonic instance of EXS24 virtual sampler.


The problem of using the R2M to generate midi notes is that it can not transmit midi velocity (it always sends midi velocity 127) limiting its usefulness as an alternate controller but I figured out a way to circumvent this problem.


The R2M can send 2 simultaneous midi data. If the position sensor is used for midi notes (with or without pitch bend), the pressure sensor can be assigned to a variety of midi signals. I chose to assign the second one to continuous controller #1 (modulation wheel) and to control filter cutoff frequency of the EXS24 instrument with it. So, pressing on the ribbon controller I open up the filter by a maximum amount of 20 per cent (the value you see is negative but it is inverted).

Listen to
this example.