Concertina 13

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Concertina 13

A new piece featuring 13ED2 (
Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 13 steps of 92.308 cents each).

This time the only sound source is MOTU
Ethno 2. Ethno 2 supports Scala files but I prefer to retune sounds with LMSO.

I send MIDI data from my master keyboard (on port 5 of my MIDI interface) to
Logic Pro and from there to LMSO input.



Retuned MIDI data go back to Logic Pro thru LMSO IAC 1 and 2 and are sent to Ethno 2.


The above picture shows how I set up Ethno 2 for this piece. Each of the 2 instruments has 4 voice polyphony (4 mono instances of each one on 4 adjacent MIDI channels).
Notice that the Tuning field says “No Tuning”!!