Tribalism #1

Listen to Tribalism #1

I had thought to explain the origin of this piece by saying that during my worldwide wandering I had landed on a mysterious island where I had recorded the chanting natives but the truth is that it is only me in my recording studio going berserk in front of a
Neumann microphone!

I had also thought of doing something “tribally” different, but my muse forced me somewhere else, nevertheless, as the title implies, more “tribalism” lies ahead.

This is probably a natural reaction after the sleekness of ECM-flavored tunes like “
Over The Beta Rainbow”.

The form of this piece is the traditional “
call and response” structure.
The rhythm is asymmetrical. This element was actually the initial idea for this piece and was influenced by Jacky Ligon’s “Other Time” album.

This song is a
pitch shift tour de force. Both the leading voice and the choir are created this way (both derive from the same audio recording).

There is also a third, rhythmic, vocal element that you can hear underneath lead voice and choir.


In order to create the choir I automated some parameters of Logic Pro’s pitch shift: semitone shifting and mix between natural and processed voice.


I also used Logic Pro’s Flex Time function to quantize audio tracks.


Read and listen to the follow-up: “Tribalism #2