Austrian Fantasy

This movie was filmed in and around
Salzburg during a recent vacation me and my family spent in Austria. Last year too I realized a similar project called Elba Gamma.
This time the used tuning system is
Carlos Beta that I played with both my Opal Chameleon and Nord Stage 88. Each user interface has its benefits and drawbacks. From a harmonic point of view the isomorphic one is by far superior because, thanks to a meaningful note mapping, intervals are more easily visible and recognizable but playing fast lines may be easier with the Halberstadt one, simply because of my many years of acquaintance with it even though its black and white pattern of keys is absolutely meaningless for a non-octave tuning system like Carlos Beta.

AustrianFantasy iMovie

First I assembled the movie with
iMovie using many of its editing features (like slow down speed, reverse direction, crossfades etc.) then I imported it into Logic Pro and started working on the soundtrack.
Because the movie starts (and ends) with me dancing on those metallic bars I thought to use that melody as a leitmotif.


The featured synths are Logic Pro’s EXS24, Spectrasonics
Omnisphere and MOTU Ethno2. EXS24 is only used to double the sound of the above mentioned metallic bars. Omnisphere uses .tun files for retuning. Ethno2 is retuned through LMSO even though it supports Scala files because I do my best to avoid them. The procedure to retune Ethno2 with LMSO has already been explained here.
As you can see from the above picture I had first to bounce the Ethno2 tracks (harp and violin) to audio because otherwise I could not export them to video. I think it is a bug because Omnisphere or other softsynths (like Camel Audio Alchemy, for example) do not need this kind of treatment. Bummer!