Gymnopédie 1

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This is a famous piece by
Erik Satie written in 1888.
I arranged this piano piece for
Omnisphere , playing the accompaniment, and Continuum Fingerboard, playing the melody.
I love the clever alternation, throughout this piece, of major and minor modes on the same tonal center. A very effective compositional device.
I recorded my performance at the Continuum as MIDI data so I was able to record audio versions of it using two different sounds, mixing them together. As you can see and hear, the Expressive E
Touché is a great tool to add expression to any track played with an electronic instrument.
The title of this piece suggests a Greek influence so I decided to use a tuning system I devised in 2006 called "Ptolemy's chromatic scale":
1/1 16/15 9/8 6/5 5/4 4/3 45/32 3/2 8/5 5/3 9/5 15/8
centered on D, the tonal center of this piece.
I created a .tun version of it for Omnisphere and a .scl version for the Continuum.
Here I use the same playing technique on the Continuum already used on my previous "
Assyrian Women mourners"

Here you can find the “
Gymnopédie 3” video.