ContinuuMini Ribbon length 397 mm = 2750 cents (ContinuuMini pitch range)

1 cents = 397 / 2750 = 0,1443636363636364 mm

Carlos Alpha step = 77.995 cents * 0,1443636363636364 = 11,2596418181818182 mm

2750 / 77,995 = 35,2586704275915123 Carlos Alpha steps on the ContinuuMini

My idea for these calculations was to find a way to create a visual reference to play the ContinuuMini using the Carlos Alpha tuning system but I ended up using a much less mathematical approach, playing the steps of that tuning system on my Linnstrument and finding the same pitches, by ear, on the ContinuuMini!
I asked a blacksmith to make this L-shaped aluminum bar (same length of the ContinuuMini with both short sides 55 millimeters long).


Then I put a strip of paper adhesive tape along the long side. The ContinuuMini sits on the aluminum bar with the tape strip visible above it.
Using a pencil I marked where I hear the pitches on the ContinuuMini matching those played by the Linnstrument (playing a virtual synth tuned to Carlos Alpha).
As you can see the marks are not equidistant. This is only a first trial done on the fly. Nevertheless those markings are helpful as they are.


In order to play the Linnstrument behind the ContinuuMini I had to raise it above the aluminum bar. I solved the problem putting a couple of thick books underneath it.


I am also experimenting with cardboard strips. Those L-shaped cardboard bars are used in the shipping of upright pianos to protect their keyboards.
They come in long strips but are easy to saw. Writing or painting on them is also easy and I can have plenty of them, working for a piano reseller!


To be continued...