RibboMan And The Maniacs


Listen to
RibboMan and the Maniacs, a “ribbon extravaganza”

This is another example of using a
ribbon controller to play midi notes.

This is a song featuring only hardware synths, actually it involves the use of a single synth: a
Nord/Clavia G2. It is the first time I use only one synth for a song but, of course, the G2 has many aces up its sleeve!


As you can see from the diagram, the G2 is triggered from both its keyboard and a
Doepfer R2M ribbon controller. In both cases midi data are first sent to LMSO, for retuning them and then to the sound engine.

The featured tuning system is "
Septimal Heaven" by X.J.Scott, the same I used in 2007 for another piece called "Septimal Klezmer".

The long solo was recorded in a single take, then cut and interspersed among short refrain sections to add variety to an otherwise static “ribbon extravaganza”.

The “voco-bass” plus “voco-choir” accompaniment is doubled at times with a G2 brassy patch to add timbral variety.

The “wild” ribbon solo has not been edited to preserve what I think is its freshness. It’s far from being perfectly tuned and/or rhythmically correct but I like it as it is because it sounds “true”, not “doctored”.