Listen to Zawigam

Following my previous piece
Bhairava Bungalow based on the use of a microtonal arpeggiator, comes this one that was created while investigating how to send the output of a microtonal arpeggiator to my ContinuuMini.
Sending MIDI data to it is not simple as sending them to a regular synthesizer because of MPE settings.
At the end of this experiment I think that playing EaganMatrix sounds from a user interface different than that of a Continuum/ContinuuMini is not worth it.
The tuning system used here is a mode of Carlos Gamma that I first used more than 10 years ago for
Adagio Gamma.
This time the retuned MIDI track, played by Logic Pro 9 and LMSO on my MacBook Pro, was recorded on my iMac (synched to the MBP and running
Logic Pro X) and from there it was sent to the ContinuuMini.
The procedure for the recording of the other tracks was similar to the one used for my previous piece (see
Bhairava Bungalow for explanations). The sounds you hear come mostly form the Kurzweil PC3x.
The difference here is that on the iMac I not only recorded the audio output of the
PC3x but also the MIDI data coming from it.
This made possible to double the "solo part" with another sound of a virtual instrument. The MIDI track recorded on the
iMac was already retuned and so it was available to any synth I wanted as long as the the pitch bend range remained the same among synthesizers.

I chose this title because this piece sounds somehow "zawinulesque" to me and because it uses (Carlos) Gamma.

Reminder for myself: When I play the
PC3x sending MIDI data to the MBP for retuning, I need a setting of the MIDI patch bay different than the one I need to playback the retuned MIDI data recorded on the iMac.