Alpha15 update

Contrariwise to what I had stated in
my previous article, I ended up choosing another note layout to play Carlos Alpha and 15ED2 tuning systems with my Chameleon.
When I started thinking about how to notate those two tuning systems with
Logic Pro I realized the previous note layout was wrong. Instead of 7 white, 4 red (sharps) and 4 blue (flats) notes I chose 7 white, 5 red (sharps) and 3 blue (flats) notes because 12 notes can be directly “transnotated” into standard notation (white and red notes) and the remaining 3 (blue) ones need another procedure to get notated. More about it on an upcoming article.

So, the fifteen note names I chose are:
A A# Bb B C C# D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# and the layout looks like this one: