Listen to UGDoLA

This song is the
Carlos Beta version of Un Giorno Dopo L’Altro (1966) by Luigi Tenco (the included YouTube link to the original song features it as background music for the title sequence of a famous Italian television series).
This is the second song by Luigi Tenco I have arranged with Carlos Beta (the first one is
Angela B. ).

I use two different techniques to play the theme and the ensuing improvisation as you can see on the following video.

The theme is a “diatonic” melody that I play with one hand. Notes of a “diatonic” scale are so far apart (with the
note layout I use) that I can only use second and fifth finger to play it, with a few exceptions. This technique is fine only for simple melodies.

The improvisation is played with two hands sharing the duties of playing a single line. You can see that I use more fingers of each hand and that makes playing more intricate phrases possible. This technique is very alien for a keyboard player but I don’t see any other solution to play anything reasonably fast on my
Opal Chameleon “tuned” to Carlos Beta. The improvisation is based on the same “diatonic” scale of the theme: D major. You can check out for yourself, looking at the above mentioned note layout, the position of notes of this scale and try to figure out how to play them!