This audio/visual work was composed during the Spring of 2007 as partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master’s Degree in Music and New Technology awarded to the author at the Conservatory of Music in Florence, Italy in the Fall of 2007.

It started out as a long audio/visual improvisation done using the application
Metasynth 4 Pro by U&I, recorded on a digital VCR, then edited and processed with Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

The graphical approach to music composition of Metasynth permits the composer to draw on a virtual blackboard while the application, in real time, transforms the visual images to audio. All the parameters for these transformations can be programmed: vertical pixels to pitch, horizontal pixels to time, different colors for positioning sounds in the stereo field, dullness/brightness to loudness, waveforms, signal processing etc.

The title “Primitivo” (Primitive) hints at the esthetic rawness of the movie that tries to recreate the atmosphere of the experimentalism of the “
The basic esthetic choices, in order to achieve this goal were:
1) black and white images
2) use of sine waveforms, most of the time
3) atonality
4) quarter tone tuning system