Peter Gunn 13 (PG13)


Listen to Peter Gunn 13 (PG13)

I set up my
Alpha Keyboard to play in 13 EDO and somehow my left hand started playing the bass riff of this famous song by Henry Mancini so I kept playing it.

My Alpha Keyboard was built to play 15EDO/Carlos Alpha tuning systems (see
blog for details)
Adjusting it to play in 13EDO simply means skipping 2 out of the available 15 keys per octave.
I chose the following pattern (values in cents):
92.308, 92.307, 92.308, 92.308, 92.307, 0., 92.308, 0., 92.308, 92.308, 92.307, 92.308, 92.308, 92.307, 92.308

I arranged the theme, adding some variations, with
Arturia Mini V3, Arturia Prophet V3, Linplug Spectral, a few sounds from Reason Studios and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.

Data from the Alpha keyboard go to a MacBookPro running LMSO for the re-tuning. The output goes to an iMac running LogicPro X with softsynths.