The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings - a review

I just uploaded a review of this very interesting book by Easley Blackwood

You can find it
here and/or here


Heinz Bohlen sent me this comment (posted with his permission):

Dear Carlo,
Sincere thanks for providing access to your excellent review. Even seen through this filter, one gets an overwhelming impression of the material that Blackwood has presented. More than forty years ago I went through the process of analyzing intervals, as a layman, in a study that finally resulted in the discovery of what since has been dubbed the Bohlen-Pierce scale. But I can clearly tell you that if during that process I would have come across a paper like Blackwood's or your review, I would have given up on my efforts, completely convinced that everything necessary in that regard had been discovered and said.
By the way: With regard to the composition of diatonic scales (bottom of first page of your paper), it might interest you to have a look at the following web page:
Best regards, Heinz