Hal Trumpetti


Listen to Hal Trumpetti

Hal Trumpetti is a XenoRomantic song composed using the same mode of Carlos Gamma already featured on Adagio Gamma and many other songs.

It’s a dodecatonic
linear scale based on the generating interval 3:2^9:20 (or 315.88 cents) and repeat ratio 3:2 (or 701.955 cents).


The instrument playing trumpet, piano and bass is Camel Audio Alchemy which is great.


That “preserve” button you see on the above picture is vary handy: it allows you to change patch without changing the selected tuning (Alchemy reads .tun files). I have not seen anything like that on other softsynths.

Omnisphere, that I love and often use, forces you to reload the same tuning system (unless you use 12tET) every time you try out a new patch. Bummer!


The following movie shows an excerpt of the trumpet track. Although that Alchemy patch is using the above mentioned scale, you can see a lot of pitch bend data going on. I am using it “subconsciously” probably because of my
Nord Stage 88 Classic’s very sensitive pitch bend lever (see above), achieving something I think is close to the natural inflections of acoustic instruments.


Click on the above picture to watch the movie on YouTube.

P. D. commented:
Love the textures of those intervals, and the phrasing!  You should release this one as a single!