White Woman Speaks Up For #blacklivesmatter


Everything started when
Jacob A. Barton posted this video on Facebook's Xenharmonic Alliance II group praising it but, at the same time, complaining about the soundtrack being too "twelvy".
"Twelvy" in the jargon of microtonalists means using the usual Western tuning system (
the division of an octave into 12 equal steps). He suggested to me and to others to do a microtonal arrangement of the original song but I went a different way.


I grabbed the video and erased the soundtrack in order to create a brand new and microtonal one. I created a first version and sent it to Jayni Nicole (the girl who recorded the original video). She replied with some reasonable negative remarks so, following her suggestions, I created a second version that received her approval therefore I am posting it here. I had found the original video immediately catchy for the strength of the message and Jayni's photogenic look. I only had to underline the most poignant moments of the movie with some music.
I chose
Carlos Alpha tuning system.


This video marks the return in my setup of Propellerheads
Reason (version 9 in ReWire slave mode with Logic Pro X). A welcome return after many years without it. It is also the first complete piece composed playing exclusively the Linnstrument. Lots of new stuff!
Percussion and noise sounds come from Reason, everything else from
Omnisphere 2.