FunkEight 1

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FunkEight 1

This piece is my first foray into
8ED2 (Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 8 steps of 150 cents each) music. It was played with an Halberstadt keyboard. LMSO allowed me to assign notes on 7 white and 1 black keys. I chose the following note layout:



3 cups of
1 cup of
1 tablespoon of drum loops


Heat drum loops over medium heat. Saute bass lines until lightly browned. Stir in electric piano, vocoder and pseudo-distorted-guitar. Continue stirring until the plot thickens. Add compression and reverb. Bring to a boil, reduce heat as necessary. Serve hot!!


D.A.S. boy, i had a hard time with eight.... i think it's the only equal temperament i tried to write something in and came back empty-handed.... but this is really good......not to mention fun and alive, and is just the type of thing that should be mandatory listening to everybody throwing up micro midi samples/pieces....wonderful Carlos

M.L.V. Incredible, fantastic music in one of the most counterintuitive tunings known: 8 equal divisions of the octave. Exquisitely structured in its rhythm and pitch intervals, austerely spontaneous in feel, "FunkEight 1" has the timbre and the pace to charge your listener up.