Gamma Quarantine


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Thanks to the Coronavirus quarantine I have resurrected my Opal Chameleon that had remained unused for years. Fortunately I had saved lots of notes and email messages exchanged with X.J.Scott about his applications for tuning an isomorphic master controller like the Chameleon to various tuning systems. I had set it up for Carlos Gamma in a way to be able to use all 192 keys of the Chameleon to play it.



So, in a matter of a few hours I was again up and running with everything set up to play the Chameleon, retune its MIDI data to Carlos Gamma, through Disarray and LMSO on a MacBook Pro and send the retuned MIDI data to an iMac running Logic X with the following plug-ins: Reason 11 (for the various drone parts) , Ultrabeat (for percussion sounds) and Vienna Instruments' bass clarinet for the solo.
There is only one polyphonic instrument playing the gamelan/bell sound, so, for it I had to use a channel splitter in Logic's Environment and 3 instances of the same virtual instrument receiving on different MIDI channels.