Jingle Gamma Bells

Jingle Gamma Bells

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(a new version of
Jingle Gamma Bells, with a new drum track, is featured on my Gammatar album)

After completing my previous blog post about
Gamma major scales I thought of composing some examples, then I recalled an old arrangement of Jingle Bells I had written for my students, when I was a piano teacher.
It is a good example of a diatonic song, even though my old arrangement introduces some chromaticism.
One more reason to use it is that it is the right period of the year to play it!

Two years ago I had already composed an arrangement of this song in 88cET (actually 8th root of 3:2) called
88 Jingle Bells.
This new version features both another tuning system,
Carlos Gamma and a new musical interface, my Opal Chameleon with the C central note layout.

Plus, it is presented as a video and not as an audio file. By the way it marks the first anniversary of my music videos. See my first one:
Chameleon and me and notice the differences.


The guitar sounds are all from Spectrasonics
Omnisphere. As you can see from the above picture both guitars I play are composite sounds. The arpeggio is played by 2 guitars on MIDI channel 1, the melody is also played by 2 different guitars on channel 2. Notice the pan position for all four sounds.