Beta Easter(n)

This is the first video recording of myself playing in
Carlos Beta. For details about this tuning system and its implementation with my Opal Chameleon, you can check out my previous articles The Dawn of Beta and 19edo vs. Carlos Beta.

The title refers to the fact that this piece was composed/improvised during Easter week and that it, somehow, sounds “Eastern” to me.

The instrument you hear comes from Spectrasonics
Omnisphere and you can see “The Orb” doing its thing!


I created this patch editing an existing one. Working at “soundsource” level it is possible to immediately audition them with the right tuning system. If you audition complete patches they are usually saved with the default “Western” tuning system (12tET) and they must be edited each and every time in order to hear them in the desired alternative tuning system.
The only soft synth I know of that allows to audition complete patches preserving a chosen tuning system is Camel Audio

The harmonic/melodic structure of this piece is essentially diatonic.
All the material I had in my mind when I started recording was a general idea of a chord progression and the initial phrase I play with my right hand. Everything else came while recording. The piece, listening back to it, seems to have a complete structure, at least to my ears and that really amazes me. It reminds me of Ornette Coleman’s definition of an improviser: an instant composer! I love it when it happens, it makes all the struggles look worthwhile!

You can notice a couple of technical improvements comparing this video with
Jingle Gamma Bells (my last one with me playing the Chameleon):
I use a new keyboard stand. You don’t see it but comparing the 2 videos you will see that now the Chameleon is positioned differently. The new z-shaped stand is much stabler than the old one.
The video quality now is higher thanks to a new video camera:
Zoom Q3HD.

I had to wear my sacred white robe in order to get into the right mood to perform this solemn piece! Just kidding Happy