Two At Once


Listen to Two At Once

Two At Once is simply a recording of myself at the piano improvising freely on a jazzy modal mood. Listening back to it it sounds as a mix of chromatic harmony and diatonic melody around a tonal center. All the other parts have been extracted from the original piano improvisation.
The flute sound and the synthetic pad have then been retuned to a different tuning system. That's why the piece is titled "Two at once".
The end result is a 12tET tune with a microtonal twist!
You are free to guess which one is the other tuning system I use.
Hint 1: I call the scale "wyshchroneu" Happy
Hint 2: it's a mode of 48tET!!


The instruments used are:
Camel Audio Alchemy (2 instances: flute and synthetic pad)
Nord Stage 88 Rev. C (piano)
Logic's EXS 24 (double bass)
Logic's ESM (synth bass)
Logic's Ultrabeat (2 instances: drums and percussions)