Mini Callin' You


Click on the picture above to watch the movie

A few months ago I found this arrangement of the song
Calling You on the hard disk of my Atari computer. I guess I wrote it around 2000/2001 for a group called Noeco. For some reason, probably because the band broke up, it was never used.
I liked it and thought of creating a new version with virtual synths. Then, few weeks ago, the
ContinuuMini arrived and somehow I thought to play the melody with it.
All the instruments come from the
Vienna Symphonic Library except for the piano sound that comes from Spectrasonics Keyscape.
Edmund Eagan’s advice, I recorded the ContinuuMini straight as audio without bothering with MIDI, then I doctored my performance a little with Melodyne (btw the integration between Melodyne and Logic Pro X with ARA is great).
I am satisfied with my performance, being a newcomer to this instrument, but much can be improved.