Resurrecting my Atari Mega4 STE


After many years in storage my
Atari Mega4 STE has come back to life flawlessly.
I do not recall exactly for how long it has been in a box but it is very surprising that everything still works. What a machine!


I used it mainly for music and my main sequence was
C-Lab Notator that became Emagic Logic.


In 2002 Emagic was bought by Apple and only the Mac version was maintained becoming their flagship sequencer.

I still have all the MIDI accessories (
Log 3, Unitor 2 and Export) to increase the number of MIDI ports to 9 independent outs (or 144 MIDI channels), 3 ins, SMPTE etc.


I intend to use the Atari to investigate musical ideas I had in the past that are saved as songs on its hard disk.

I have already found out that an Atari formatted floppy disk (in MS-DOS
FAT format) is readable by my MacBook Pro, so, I can export Logic songs as midifiles and import them on my Mac.

Plus, I have many interesting applications on my Atari such as
Realtime, M, Tunesmith, KCS and Tiger Cub, Music Mouse, Midi Draw and many others that could be put to good use with today’s music resources.