Retuning Logic Videos


(click on the images to watch the movies)

The top video shows the environment page of Logic Pro 8 configured for retuning incoming midi data thru LMSO. The data enters Logic’s midi input from port 5 of my midi interface (connected to my master keyboard), it is sent to LMSO input where it is retuned then sent back to Logic from LMSO IAC 1. The retuned data go to the channel splitter that sends data, on midi channels 1 and 2, connected to 2 monophonic instances of EXS24.
The second video shows the same thing (I played twice, live, the same music fragment and with my left hand because I broke my right elbow!), but this time with LMSO in the foreground to see what is going on. So you can see the scale being used for this experiment, the same of
Bohl-en Roll!