Bossa Sbilenca

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Bossa Sbilenca

A simple song in
Carlos Alpha tuning system featuring Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Camel Audio Alchemy sounds.
The tune has been composed playing my Opal
I started using sounds from a previous song (
Alpha Therem Waltz) then I added double bass and a drum loop.
This song is related to that song also because of the “
transnotational” issues involved (see Transnotating Carlos Alpha and Transnotating Carlos Alpha 2).
While composing this song I discovered a useful technique:


as you can see from the above picture, the
Disarray output (MIDI data from the Chameleon remapped by it) is sent to Logic Pro’s input twice: directly and through the “transnotation map” so that each MIDI note creates two events. See below:


this is the MIDI event list of the first eight bars of the theremin theme. The instrument receives on MIDI channel 2, events on channel 16 are created by the “
transnotation map” (see previous picture).
The same eight bars as they appear on the score editor:


Once I use the command “Separate MIDI events by event channel” I get MIDI notes on one track:


and the score on the other one:


(actually notes you see here are the result of manual correction of the score created by the “
transnotational map”. Further explanations on my previous article “Transnotating Carlos Alpha 2” ).

The title refers to the fact that a straight
bossa nova rhythm is used to play a slightly “sbilenco” non-octave piece.
This note reminds me of what
Michael Brecker wrote about his friend and colleague Don Grolnick: “he liked living close to the edge... as long as it was two or three blocks away”.
That sentence explains, somehow, what I aspire to do musically, in my own way and with all due respect for those two great musicians I deeply admire and whom I don’t dare to compare with.