Five years ago I got LMSO!

Five years ago I got LMSO!

I received the installation CD from X.J.Scott at the end of March 2006.
Actually he had to send me two CDs because the post office screwed up the shipment of the first one that was first sent to Florida then to Canada, where it sat for some time, then back to the USA and finally to Italy, as a result I got it a long time after I had already received the replacement sent by Jeff.

I have already told this story when I was interviewed by
Steve Mueske.

The fact is that up to that time I had never been able to play and/or compose music other than in
12tET. I had tried before with no success.
I had also tried other software applications for retuning MIDI instruments but they were too convoluted. LMSO just made sense!

X.J.Scott has been a great influence for my musical life. If I had not stumbled upon him I could probably have stopped making music because accessing new tuning systems breathed new life into an otherwise stale situation.

So, I am just a newcomer to xenharmonic music but I am making progress as you can see going through my website!

I just wonder why Jeff has never charged me any money for the many updates I have received during these five years.