A Nearly Normal Sunday

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This jazzy piece is the outcome of an experiment with a LMSO’s feature I had not used in a long time: Tuning Latch, enabling me to tune notes in real time using my ears. I really enjoy this empirical method. I played what I thought was a circle of 12 fifths and ended up with a scale, LMSO informed me after the facts, was a subset of 384ED2 (the
Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 384 parts) using the following steps: 0, 25, 59, 91, 119, 160, 186, 217, 251, 282, 318, 343, 384.
Here the same scale as cents from the root note (0.00, 78.125, 184.375, 284.375, 371.875, 500.00, 581.25, 678.125, 784.375, 881.25, 993.75, 1071.875, 1200.00).

The keyboard is played by a Kawai MP7 and the bass by EXS24 (Apple Logic’s sampler), both retuned by

Drums are played by Ultrabeat (Apple Logic’s drum synth), plus a few drum loops.

I like the “virtual interplay” among instruments!