Babylon Gamma


Listen to Babylon Gamma

This piece started as a study using
Carlos Gamma tuning system that, as usual, derailed into something else.
The sound sources are
Omnisphere and Reason retuned to Carlos Gamma through a complex system involving an Opal Chameleon, some computer applications by X.J.Scott and a Mac BookPro.
Everything was recorded on an iMac running Apple Logic X.
The receiving sound sources (Omnisphere and Reason) reside on a different computer from the one doing the retuning so the only needed setup for them is to make sure their pitch bend range is the same as the one set for the application doing the “pitch bend microtuning” (LMSO in my case).
The slow melody is played by ear with a Haken
Continuum fingerboard.
Samples of a Japanese woman speaking add a “Blade Runner-esque” touch to this piece. Of course, I do not know what she is saying.
I do not know what I am doing but I am doing it!