Organum 1 & 2

Listen to Organum 1 and Organum 2

These two pieces use the
Carlos Gamma subset I mentioned at the bottom of the “In Q” article:


I am not a fan of organ sounds but somehow I chose them for these two pieces.

Organum 1 is kind of a classical/contemporary sounding piece. I used two organ sounds (for bass and treble parts) throughout it, giving 8 notes polyphony to each part (through LMSO).


The sound source for the organ sounds (of both pieces) is a Kawai
MP7 digital piano.

Organum 2 is kind of a jazzy piece (bass and drums courtesy of Spectrasonics Trilian and Stylus RMX).

Composition/improvisation techniques include playing one hand at a time, speeding up parts previously played slower, transposing them and all kinds of MIDI tricks available to a “virtual musician” like me.