The Dolomites


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This video is the result of the collaboration between Jacky Ligon and me.
I first heard about Jacky thanks to my microtonal mentor X. J. Scott who mentioned his long out of print album "
Galunlati" among the essential microtonal albums.
Only years later I was able to listen to and enjoy it.
We have been exchanging mail messages from time to time and recently I told him about a week I had spent on the
I sent him a few pictures of this hiking week and that is when he proposed me to collaborate on the realization of a "slow-cinema style motion-graphic video" using my pictures that I could use to compose my own score to. So, I sent him a bunch of pictures that he edited the way you see it. I loved it immediately and started composing the soundtrack (obviously microtonal: a dodecatonic sub-set of 48ED2) for it.
From start to finish our collaboration was very fast and smooth.
I hope there will be other opportunities to collaborate.
Thanks Jacky!


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Great photography and original music to match! Once I stepped onto and sat on a mountaintop ridge. It felt just like your musical score depicts it! Bravo! - S.D.B.

Complimenti Carlo! La tua musica trasmette molte immagini, sensazioni, colori...riuscita benissimo con l’abbinamento delle imponenti Dolomiti. Bravo! - L.M.