Listen to Alfred

This morning I was informed my uncle Alfredo died yesterday. So, all of a sudden, I had this idea to write a short piece for him and here it is.

It features a new tool I recently got, the
Expressive E Touchè applied to both a virtual synth and a hardware one.
The virtual one is the
UVI Workstation played with Touchè in Slave mode (through his app, Liè) playing both the drone and the “gamelan” sounds.
The hardware one is an old
Yamaha VL70m that I had not used in years that got a new lease on life thanks to Touchè (in standalone mode) that plays the violin melody.
Reminder for myself: in order to play Touchè in both slave and standalone mode in the same piece I had to bounce the tracks recorded in slave mode as audio, then quit Liè to allow Touchè to be in standalone mode.
This is the preset I created with Liè that I saved inside Touchè to play the VL70m:

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 3.57.30 PM

Touché is an impressive tool. From now on it will be featured in every piece I will compose.
The tuning system I use is a strange one I recently created with LMSO while I was fooling around with it and that I called “Otherwordly1”. Originally it was an 11 steps scale repeating at the octave:


but because Halberstadt keyboards have 12 keys per octave I added a “zero” step to fit nicely on it:


The retuning of virtual and hardware synths involves LMSO on a MacBook Pro and an iMac where I record the retuned tracks on Logic Pro X.
Mangling MIDI data keeps my brain in action!