The Summer Solstice Online Streaming Concert


16 hours of live music streamed online: 23 artists from UK, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, China and Sweden.
It has been a tradition at to organize events like this one but it is the first time I participate.
This summer solstice coincide with the 7th anniversary of myself joining this forum so, I thought, it was a good reason to do it.
I will be playing a song I have composed for this event appropriately named “The Solstice Song”.
I have reserved 30 minutes for myself and that’s the duration of this song.
You can read about the event
here and about here.
My concert will take place June 19th from 21.30 to 22.00
Make sure to check out the difference between your time zone and GMT.
My song will be partly microtonal (
Carlos Gamma tuning system) and partly “straight” (12tET).
The song features Spectrasonics
Omnisphere, Camel Audio Alchemy, MOTU Ethno2 and Apple Logic’s EXS24 virtual instruments, Nord Stage 88 piano, a few percussion loops and myself singing!
Tune in and enjoy!


you can listen to my song