Listen to Gadudyne

Nothing could be more diverse from my last project, the
Adagio KV540 by Mozart, than this one.
This is an experiment following the upgrade to version 2 of Celemony
I took an old piece with a gamelan sound created with additive synthesis in
Max/MSP called “Instant Gamelan” (written as an assignment when I was a student at the Conservatory) and overdubbed it with a crazy performance playing my duduk.


Last Summer I asked an Armenian friend of mine who was going to visit his parents in
Yerevan to bring me a duduk, so now I have one. It is clear, from my performance, I don’t know how to play it. I had thought of sampling it and play it from a keyboard but the experiment wasn’t successful. Few days ago, after upgrading to Melodyne 2, I had the crazy idea to try playing it and whatever was coming out of it would have been retuned by Melodyne!
Because Melodyne 2 features support for microtonal scales I chose the Indian
Todi Raga for both instruments. I apologize for the disconcerting use of it.
I started moving notes around with the polyphonic gamelan and the monophonic duduk. This piece presents, first, the version edited with Melodyne and then the two original recordings, for comparison.
The experiment has nothing scientific about it, it is just some digital madness. More to follow...