Glorious 60


Listen to Glorious 60 (my submission to the 2010 60x60 project)

(a slighty longer version, called
Glorious61, is featured on my Gammatar album)

When I read Prent Rodger’s announcement of the 2010 60x60 project (on the MakeMicroMusic list) I decided, on the spur of the moment, I wanted to partecipate. In a matter of 2 hours I downloaded the submission form, filled it in, composed a song and uploaded the zipped file!

I play my Opal
Chameleon with a Spectrasonics Omnisphere’s guitar sound and a percussion loop provided by Logic Pro.

The Chameleon’s note layout I use is the same of my most recent songs (
Gamma Monk, Chameleons in the sun etc.)

I have noticed that having used the same note layout for a month now I start feeling acquainted with some finger movements that give sonic results I can predict but it is still a far cry from knowing exactly what I am doing!


My song has been selected for the
60X60 2010 UnTwelve Mix

C. V. commented:
This is very nice again - you seem to have found a groove with this - One has to listen carefully to realize this is indeed microtonal because it hangs together melodically and harmonically so well. Save my place at this table - this is where I want to go.