Adagio Gamma X

This is my first performance playing the theremini without pitch correction.
Thereminists will excuse my very rudimentary technique.


(click the image above to watch the movie)

I composed this piece in 2009 (
here you can hear and read about the original version). I added an “X” to the title of the present version because it was created with Apple Logic Pro X.
So, you can see that the tuning system of this piece is a subset of
Carlos Gamma, making this theremini performance (I think) the very first one in the world intended to play a non-octave tuning system. If I am wrong let me know. I did not edit this performance in any way, so, what you see is what you get.

On the other hand I could not resist the temptation to edit the audio of this movie with Celemony Melodyne Studio and so here there is the Melodyne Edition of the same movie.


(click the image above to watch the movie)

Expert eyes will notice where movements of the right hand differ from the resulting pitch you hear, but many will not be able to notice any difference between the two versions.


Here you can see what I did. The piece is all done with Omnisphere’s sounds. The MIDI performance was recorded with the theremini driving the soft synth through the i2M music port (see my
previous article for technical details).

theremini score

This is the score I was reading while playing. These are MIDI notes corresponding to the right pitches of the Carlos Gamma-retuned theremin sound.