Gamma Meditation

Listen to Gamma Meditation

This piece uses the same dodecatonic mode of Carlos Gamma I first used for
Adagio Gamma where an octave span of an Halberstadt keyboard equals an interval of a just fifth (3:2 ratio).

It is a way to go back to my beginnings with Carlos Gamma more than five years ago. I feel like reconnecting with it needs a smooth approach and nothing is smoother than an Halberstadt keyboard for someone like me, even though notes you find under your fingers are not what they are supposed to be!

The sound sources for this piece are Spectrasonics
Omnisphere and Camel Audio Alchemy.

Very often after I finish a piece I wonder how I did it. It sounds like magic I can not explain. Sometimes I feel as if some “superior entity” (for lack of better words) plays his/her music through me and I am just a mere intermediary. This piece makes me feel like that. I am in awe!