Alpha Compressed Octave

A further development of my previous posts (Alpha15 note layout and Alpha15 update) was the creation of a fifteen note version of Carlos Alpha.
The Carlos Alpha tuning system divides an interval with ratio 3:2 into 9 equal steps but I use a 15 steps note layout for my
Chameleon based on 15ED2 so I decided to come up with a 15 note version of Carlos Alpha. Although I consider myself mathematically challenged I found what I consider an elegant solution thanks to LMSO and what I have learned from X.J.Scott:
3:2^15:9 = 1169.9250014 cents!
It means that Carlos Alpha can be considered as the 15 equal division of a 1169.9250014 cents pseudo-octave.

Compare Carlos Alpha, Alpha Compressed Octave and 15ED2 tuning systems: