7EDO Dance


Listen to 7EDO Dance

7EDO Dance is a simple study of "7 steps Equal Division of the Octave" tuning system (each step is 171.429 cents ).
After spending some time with 7EDO it started sounding so "normal" that I had to go back to 12tET to make sure it was really different!
I tried simulating a chord progression "IV V I" and I think it works even if those steps are 514 and 686 cents from the root note (the interval from 1/1 of the just fourth, 4/3, is 498c and of the just fifth, 3/2, is 702c), so they are symmetrically 16 cents away from the just interval (+16c, -16c).
Another interesting feature of 7EDO is that an octave (1200c) fits in a fifth (7 keys) of a regular keyboard so octaves are a fifth apart.
It may sounds silly but that's how it is.


The sound source is
Propellerhead Reason using an NN-XT program retuned with LMSO. The sequencing environment is provided by Apple's Logic Pro.