The input came from the idea that Debussy's music was well suited for being trasformed by changing the original timbres with the help of synthesizers.
The other starting point was trying to connect two different worlds of sounds: the pure, acoustic one of the flute with that of synthesizers, getting the best from both worlds.
The goal was to give prominence to the flute as an acoustic instrument and at the same time create an atmosphere where the "digital" orchestra surrounding it could loose the rigidness so often peculiar to electronic music.

carlo e cesare
01) Reverie
02) The little shepherd
03) Golliwog's cake walk
04) Ballet
05) Arabesque N.1
06) The little negro
07) Danse de la poupee
08) La plus que lente
09) La fille aux cheveux de lin
10) En bateau
11) Clair de lune
12) Syrinx

Cesare Bindi : flute, revision, orchestration and MIDI production
Carlo Serafini: synthesizers, revision, orchestration and MIDI production

Executive Producer: Angelo Carrara
Recorded and mixed at Sound Export Studio, Florence by Carlo Chimenti

Published by Getar sas
©SIAE 1992

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