Hocus-Bogus 13

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Hocus-Bogus 13

One more piece featuring 13ED2 (the
Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 13 steps of 92.308 cents each). See this page for previous ones.

When working with alien tuning systems like 13ED2, without clear and established melodic/harmonic rules, which are the criteria to evaluate a piece of music?

I compiled a list of possible evaluation criteria as questions I usually pose to myself when composing, arranging, editing, mixing, mastering and finally listening to my music:

ENERGY LEVEL: is the composer able to convey his/her ideas and feelings to the listener?

INVENTIVENESS: is it a creative work or only a demonstration of skill (if any)?

STYLE: whatever the style, is it consistent throughout the piece?

FORM: does the piece have a meaningful form or is it a concoction of bits and pieces? Does it show continuity and symmetry?

All these criteria can be applied to any music element and, of course, answers are highly subjective.