Soprano RibbonSax

maqam hijaz

Listen to Soprano RibbonSax

Soprano RibbonSax is another experiment using the Doepfer R2M ribbon controller (see other ones here).
The soprano sax (
Logic’s EXS24) plays an heptatonic subset of 53EDO (steps 0, 5, 17, 22, 31, 36, 44, 53) based on Maqam Hijaz, an Arabic scale.
This song shows 2 slightly different settings of the R2M differing only for the amount of pitch bend allowed by it. First, a narrower amount, then a wider one.
Each section (with different settings) lasts a minute.
The piano drone is played by the
Nord Stage 88 Classic Revision C (with its internal effects) and the talking drum samples are simply audio loops.

The setting is similar to the one used for
R2M and CC#1: midi data generated by R2M are sent from Logic Pro to LMSO, retuned, and sent back to Logic.
The soprano sax is heavily and dynamically effected (see included picture).