Gamma Raga

Listen to Gamma Raga


Click on the image above to watch a movie of the scrolling score while listening to a lo-fi version of the song. What you see is NOT what you get because the tuning system is not the traditional 12tET one (see below), so, for example, an octave interval, on “paper”, equals a 3:2 ratio!!

This song features a couple of violin sounds from MOTU
Ethno2, a Nord G2 drone sound and a few percussion loops.

The idea for this song came to me when, one day, I stumbled upon this G2 sound I had created a long time ago and never used.
As soon as I played a single note I visualized an Indian setting and from there I started creating a song around it!

I wrote this melody for a single violin then I thought I needed some variations so I searched for a compatible sound and found a second violin for which I created a counter-melody with varying
contrapuntal motions.

The two violins are panned hard left and right.


The function of the G2 sound is that of an Indian

The tuning system for this song is, again, a mode of
Carlos Gamma already featured on many of my songs (like Hal Trumpetti. See that one for more explanations).

The Ethno2 sounds are retuned with
LMSO, in real time, as already explained on my article about the Delta Gamma Blues song.